Fortinova’s operations must be conducted with high standards of ethics and morals, both within the Company and in relation to our tenants, investors, partners, our environment and the society we live and work in. Therefore, it is important to us that any irregularities, which may seriously harm the business or our employees, are noticed and investigated as early as possible.

If you have information about misconduct that is contrary to applicable laws, ethics, morals or Fortinova’s policies, you can use our whistle-blower system. Describe the situation carefully and be as specific as possible, for example regarding parties involved, places and times. Your report will be received and handled by an external party and you are guaranteed total anonymity.

Send your report in a letter to:

Chairman of the Risk, Rule and Audit Committee
Fortinova AB
Norrgatan 10
432 41 Varberg


Investor relations

John Wennevid, CFO (+46) 340 59 25 59 jw@fortinova.se


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